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Products & Services

PC / Laptop Repairs
Does your PC or Laptop have viruses? Is it running really slow and driving you mad?

Don’t throw it at the wall just yet, there is still hope! Bring it into us and we will give you some repair options, whether it be to completely re install the operating system, fit a new hard drive or upgrade it to a solid state drive (SSD) which offers speed improvements. We don’t use fancy computer jargon here so we will put your mind at ease as soon as you walk through the door.

Screen Replacement
Dropped, sat on or even thrown your laptop? We replace all kinds of laptop screens. From 10 inch to 17 inch. We keep on stock most types of screens so we will be able to get your laptop back to you as quickly as possible.

Computer Peripherals, Ink and Media
We are well stocked with all major ink cartridges for inkjet printers. These include original cartridges for HP, Epson, Canon Etc.) we also stock compatible versions. Our compatibles start from as little as £2.50. We also stock black toners for laser printers and we can order them on request. Call in and enquire with the Model Number / Toner Number and we will do out very best to source one for you.

We also sell new Printers. Popular makes we stock include HP, Epson and Canon.

All of Which are Wireless, Air / ePrint and most importantly, are nice and easy to install. If you have any problems we will install them onto your machines and devices for you.

We also give you all the information on the printers including the prices of the inks so that there is no Expensive surprises when it comes to replacing your cartridges!

Not only do we sell Ink, we also sell all kinds of Media and Accessories. These include DVD’s, CD’s, Cases / Wallets. We also have a variety of USB Flash drives and memory cards. These include SD Cards and Micro SD cards covering a range of 8gb to 64gb.

We also carry the majority of computer cables. These include:

- Ethernet Cables (1Mtr – 30Mtr)
- ADSL Cables
- Telephone Cables
- USB Printer Cables (A-B)
- Standard USB Cables (A-A)
- HDMI Cables (1Mtr – 5Mtrs)
- PC Power Cables (Kettle Leads)
- Clover Power Cables
- VGA Cables
- HDMI, DVI, DP Cables etc. 

Laptop Chargers
Whether you have lost, broken or damaged your laptop charger, we also carry all brands. If we don’t have the one you are looking for we can order it in for you. We stock both the original and compatible chargers.

We stock Computer accessories / Hardware as well including:

- Wired / Wireless Mice & Keyboards
- DVD Writers
- Internal and External Hard Drives / Solid State Drive
- All types of Ram (DDR2, DDR3, DDR4)
- Graphics Cards

Greetings Cards
We also have a vast selection of handmade cards for all occasions. If there isn’t one you are looking for we can also tailor the card for your needs, Ages, Names, Themes etc. Pop in and see for yourself!

We can also connect and setup your wired printers for you so you can easily print out your photos and documents from any of your gadgets at the touch of a button.

We also stock Wireless adaptors, Access points and Switches. We can set all these up for you and get you back on the internet in no time!
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