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Hedon Media - Repair Service

05/01/2021 - During the Covid-19 pandemic we are still operating as we are identified as an essential business by HM government due to our repair service offering 🙂

Hedon Media specialise in Laptop & PC repair! This is our main focus, our dedicated team are here to offer great value repair services to get your machine back up and running. 

Whether you have a faulty keyboard, cracked screen or a very slow computer we can take a look and get that fixed. With all our repairs we try our best to save all user data before going ahead with any major repair.

What we repair most in laptops:

Hardware problems:

Cracked Screen / Faulty Keyboard / Failing Hard Drive / Faulty Memory / Non Working Battery / SSD Upgrade

Software Problems:

Corrupt OS / Non Bootable OS / Very Slow Performance / Windows 10 Upgrade